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Poonam Srivastava

(Artist , 3D animator & Instructor)

My motto is simple: Make Something. In that spirit, I strive every day to inspire, create, and push the envelope of technology and imagination – and MAKE STUFFs.

According to me “Artist has no limits, and one should never shy of new and shifting terrain, playing well with others and liking to work that way. My adventures are driven beyond individual screens, media and technology.I love drawing and painting since my childhood days and I am crazy for animation movies and it continues to amaze me. I am especially attracted to the weird and wonderful, the awkward and the colorfulpassion to this creative process.

Deep within me is a desire to create, invent, tell stories, bring characters to life and do all of those things that allows us to connect with others, it crosses language and cultural boundaries and can speak directly to the humanness within us all. This very desire made me decided to take up career in animation and Art.

To follow my passion, after finishing my post-graduation from Lucknow University, I enrolled for multimedia courses and learned classical, 2D, 3D Animation techniques& VFX. The most I enjoy and love is classical as well as 3D Animation. I made some short animation movies while I was an animation student & made myself a 3D generalist. Along with this, I continued making canvas paintings too.

I started my career as a graphic Designer with Dainik Jagran &RashtriyaSahara Newspaper to test the industry water, and gradually upgraded it with a move into electronic media at “INTO MY REAL WORLD”as a 3D animator in their animation studios.During my stint there, I learned a lot about Production department & animation Techniques. I am an Artist & I am never satisfied with my own work to the fullest, and am always keen to explore the new horizons.

I got the offer from an institute engaged in animation teaching,which I humbly accept. This started my new career in the same field which I love and my journey started from being student to instructor. Then I got to know that I love teaching also